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Top Up Packs

What is a 360money Top up pack?

A 360money top up pack allows you to use cash to top up your 360money card online. You can purchase a 360money top up pack at selected retail outlets for a small fee of 99p and then you decide how much you want to top up your card, up to a maximum amount of £500.

There is a unique code on the back of the top up pack underneath a scratch off panel, when you are ready to top up your 360money card carefully scratch off the panel to reveal the code then simply login to My Account and go to the Top Up page.

Select the "Top up pack" option and enter the 8 digit code from the back of the pack. Your card will be topped up with the amount you paid in store less the 99p fee.

Your account number is the 14 digit number printed on the back of your card