It is the intention of 360money that this website is accessible and usable by everyone.

In particular we have implemented the following:

  • All links and graphics are labelled to ensure compatibility with speech and text only browsers.
  • All text on this website can be resized by the user.
  • ‘Access Key’ navigation has also been implemented to include navigation using the 'alt' or 'ctrl' keys. Listed below are the codes that are used:

    Internet Explorer (PC): alt + access key + return
    Firefox/Opera (PC): alt + access key
    Macintosh: control + access key

    S - Skip navigation
    N - Go to navigation
    1 - Home page
    3 - Site map
    5 - About 360money
    0 - Access keys used on this website

If you have any complaints or comments about the accessibility of this website please contact us at: